Thursday, November 19, 2009

Where has the year gone?

I can't believe it has been so long since I posted something on here! I feel like the whole year has just flown by. It feels like Grace just started preschool, when in reality, she has been there for almost 3 months already! So many changes in our family have taken place over the last couple months that I just haven't been able to keep up with all of them!

Grace is in preschool at Loving Hands Preschool in Green. She is quite the little leader at preschool. At first, here teachers called her "challenging" because she always wanted to be the leader and answer every question before the other kids had a chance. After a couple weeks, she learned to take turns and wait to be called on for questions. Her teacher, Miss Jenny, described her as "the perfect little preschooler" on Open House Night. She goes Tuesdays and Thursday from 9-1 and looks forward to it every week.

Grace is also in ballet class on Wednesdays. She really enjoys her half hour class, and her first recital is on December 20th. I'm not sure if she realizes she'll be dancing in front of an auditorium full of people or not, but we have to sew a special costume so she will be doing it whether she likes it or not!

Ella is my little helper. We hang out together while Grace is at school and she helps me with the housework and bills. She really just likes to spend some downtime by herself, now, too. I am looking into getting her started with swimming lessons at the YMCA at the beginning of next year. I'm also working on getting her used to the idea that she will be starting preschool next fall, but she is much more attached to me than Grace was. She really doesn't like talking to any adults that she doesn't know, and sometimes doesn't talk to people that she does know!

Last month, my cousin, Aaron, and I went to Universal Studios Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights. We went for a weekend and it was so much fun. We went to Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios Orlando, Planet Hollywood, Downtown Disney, and Universal CityWalk. It was a nice break from work. Two days after I got home, I had surgery. I had a septoturbinoplasty for a severely deviated septum and a sinus resection. It sounds awful, but it wasn't too bad. I took two weeks off from work to heal, and I am so glad I opted for the surgery. I haven't had any sinus headaches or earaches since I've been back to work.

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