Thursday, November 20, 2008


So, I've been looking for my Knifty Knitter. It is a set of looms that you use to knit hats, scarves, etc. I finally found it in the basement the other day and I was so happy that I made Ella a little winter hat. Grace kept playing with the Knifty Knitter and I kept telling her to not put the little circles over her head or they would get stuck. Well, Grace didn't put the little one over her head...she put it over Ella's head. Needless to say, it got stuck.

So, here is little Ella with her new permanent Knifty Knitter necklace on. She does look good in red, but this is a little extreme... At this point, Jesse was getting a little worried because the loom was not going back over Ella's head. Jesse then informed me that Grace forcefully pushed it over Ella's head and that it was just not budging. I suggested rubbing butter on her forehead...

Ella wasn't scared at all, though. Here she is trying to take it off.

Sadly, this is what is left of my red loom. Jesse had to use a cutter from his tools to cut through it. Every time he took a squeeze at it Ella's eyes opened as big as saucers. Luckily, it wasn't too hard to cut through and Ella was safely freed from the Knifty Knitter's clutches!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Wow! Halloween came and went so fast this year. It seems like all the yearly milestones go so fast anymore since the girls have arrived. Our trick or treat was last Sunday from 3 to 5, and, of course, we hit the streets right at 3! Unlike last year, Grace had no problem putting on her costume and getting ready for the big day. Ella was easily coaxed into her costume, too. They looked so cute!

Ella was a butterfly and Grace was a ladybug. The costumes kept them nice and warm, although the weather was pretty nice. We got home around 4 and shortly after, it started to rain. So, we timed the event perfectly!

Grace insisted on carrying both her and Ella's treat bags since Ella couldn't carry her own. She didn't want Jesse or me to carry it because she wanted to be the one to help Ella get her candy. Grace told the people at almost every house that she had to make sure she got a piece of candy for herself and for her sister. After a while, we could tell she was having a hard time carrying both bags because they were getting heavy! We finally convinced her to ride in the wagon with Ella and take a break.

Jesse and I took turns pulling the wagon up all of the driveways in our neighborhood. There are no sidewalks since we live in a development and most of the driveways are pretty steep. We got a pretty good workout hauling the old Radio Flyer up the hills!

It turned out to be a great day with the family. Plus, we have a giant bag of candy to show for it!