Monday, December 15, 2008

Grace's 3rd Birthday

Grace is 3 years old as of December 14th! We had her party yesterday at Pump It Up in Hartville. I love Pump It Up, we had her party there last year, too. It is a giant building full of inflatable jumpy toys (or jumpy houses, as Grace calls them). The kids can just be unleashed and they can just run around for a few hours. A lot of kids came this year and they all had a great time together.
Grace was really excited to get so many great gifts, but her favorite was her Swimming Baby. She has been asking for Swimming Baby for months and she was so happy when she got her; the look on her face just melted my heart. She yelled, "A Swimming Baby!" as soon as she tore off the paper. She also got some Barbies, a few really cool board games, savings bonds, Color Wonders stuff, a teddy bear, a drum set, Moon Sand, and lots more.

Grace was so excited! She wore a brand-new outfit for her party, too. We also noticed that Grace was pulling on her ear in a lot of her pictures. She said her ear didn't hurt, so maybe it is a new nervous habit or something...

Ella's hair had so much static cling from all of the vinyl bouncy toys.

Grace and Me climbing through an obstacle course.

All of the kids at the end of the giant slide. Notice Ella over in the right corner, unable to sit still for a minute to get in the picture :)

Chaela and Steve dressed Lilly in the same exact outfit that Grace had on! No, we didn't plan it, either.

I love this picture of Grace. She looks grumpy for some reason, but it is so cute!

Jesse and Ella, making the same face for the camera.