Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday, Ella Rose!

Ella is two years old already! We had her birthday
party on Sunday, June 7th at our house. We had a cook-out with an Abby Cadabby theme. (For those who aren't familiar with Abby Cadabby, she is Sesame Street's newest fairy.)
Ella's actual birthday was Thursday, June 18th.
We happened to have their pre-surgery tour
that night at Akron Children's Hospital. After the tour, we went to Dairy Queen and got a
delicious ice cream cake that I am still feasting on nightly.

Gracie and Delaney sliding down the giant blow-up water slide in my yard.

Ella with Mommy as we were getting ready to light the candles on the Elmo cake.

Ella with her favorite Great-Cousin, Aaron.

Ella opening her presents.

The party was on a wonderful, sunny day. Everyone had a ton of fun! The weather was perfect for the giant water slide and, as Grace calls it, the "jumpy house."

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Kristy said...

Cute pictures :-) Happy Bday, Ella Rose! Looks like such a fun party!